Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The working FeaturePoints hack!

I've recently discovered a program called Feature Points Buddy. I found a video on YouTube showing the program and where to download it. First of all I thought that it was a fake program, but when I actually tried it out i was amazed and surpriced. The program Feature Points Buddy worked.

You are in my old situation. You just watched the video and don't know if you should believe this or not. All I want to tell you is, that if you try this you will be so amazed that you think that you are dreaming. I exhanged a lot of my points for PayPal cash and I don't even have to work anymore.

I want to thank the makers of Feature Points Buddy for this. This is amazing and every one should use this before it gets patched. All you have to do is visit the website below and download it. It is currently free, but it will cost money very soon - Why? Because people are discovering this method and the makers don't want this patched. There are actually people earning their living by using

Should the link not work, then it's because of traffic overload. Think about it, theres a lot of people looking for working programs / methods and this one actually works. So people are on the website all the time. It is hard for the servers to keep up.

Please do not share this program with everyone. This may result in this program getting patched.